Why to choose “CD Soft”?

The Main differentiators are as below:
• CD Soft is driven by entrepreneurs. We put our personal reputation at stake.
• We move seamlessly in client’s shoes, due to deep understanding of business dynamics and complexities.
• We handle diverse assignments across industry verticals with our strong Research capability and sound Knowledge Management practice.
• We offer cross border search capability through networks of partners/offices.
• We focus on only a few key accounts thereby devoting our resources optimally to locate and provide the best of the best talent available to our clients.

The real definition of our business is the contribution we make in achieving our client’s business objectives and dreams.

Search Methodology
The executive search professionals of CD Soft are dedicated to providing service beyond the traditional search and evaluation processes. Since the best executives are often not looking externally for opportunities, we adopt a sensitive but disciplined and systematic research procedure to identify these hard-to-find and hard-to-reach candidates.

CD Soft has a passion for adding value to each of the steps in conducting an executive search:
• Diagnosis & Planning
• Position Specification
• Research & Sourcing
• Interview Screening
• Candidate Presentation
• Client Interviews
• Reference Checking
• Offer & Negotiation
• Post-Hire Follow-Up

“We listen, understand, question, visualize, together research, commit to deadlines and deliver… on time.”